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History of the Bank
On March 2, 1900, Merchants and Farmers Bank of Greene County, Alabama was established and began operating in Eutaw, Alabama. The bank was organized under the leadership of Judge Thomas Wilkes Coleman. Other founders and directors included Jeff Patton, David McGiffert, Amand P. Smith, George W. Harrison, James O. Banks, E.W. deGraffenreid, E.L. Kimbrough, George F. Hardy, D.W. Duncan, A.W. Howard, William McCracken, James F. Cross, W.H. Hales, W.R. Ward, V.M. Spencer, A.B. Demoville, Phillip B. Minor and Beckham D. Palmer.

Today the bank is a full-service bank. Previously located in a building on the east side of the Eutaw Town Square, the present building on Prairie Avenue was constructed in 1959. In 2012, the bank was honored by the Alabama State Banking Commission for being one of the few independent banks in the State of Alabama operating for more than 100 years. In 2014, the bank opened its first branch in Prattville, Alabama and in 2017, opened its first Loan Production Office in Demopolis, Alabama.

Present officers include:

Alvis Storey Chairman, CEO, Investment Officer

Ralph R. Banks, III President

Daniel M. Garnand Executive Vice President

Harris Banks Vice President/Cashier

Rick Dunn Vice President

Valley Harrison Vice President

Sandra Northington Vice President

Keith Wallace Vice President

John Compton Assistant Cashier

Carolyn Brownlee Assistant Cashier/ Head Teller

Jerry Elkins Data Processing Manager

Palmer Halper Head Bookkeeper

Angie Weeks Compliance Officer

Directors of Merchants and Farmers Bank are Alvis Storey, Chairman of the Board, Ralph Liverman, James O. Banks, Jr., Ralph R. Banks III, Gavin Edgar, Kevin Jockisch, and Daniel M. Garnand.

Dawn Abrams Secretary of the Board


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