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Other Services

ATM Cards
You can access your account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can perform such transactions as withdrawals, balance inquiries and balance transfers.

Visa Debit Cards
With your Visa debit card, not only do you have the convenience of an ATM card, you can also make purchases at thousands of merchants where you see the Visa Logo.

Telephone Banking
Telephone Banking enables you to perform numerous transactions from anywhere that you have access to a touch tone telephone. With telephone banking you can:

  • Obtain balance information on your account(s)
  • Obtain interest information on your account(s)
  • Access information about transactions posted to your checking or savings accounts
  • Transfer funds between your checking and statement savings accounts
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Secured by your password

Our Telephone Banking numbers are Eutaw, (205)372-3306 and (205)372-3320, or Prattville (334)351-9900. There is no charge for calling our telephone banking service.

Direct Deposit
Avoid waiting for your check in the mail. Sign up for Direct Deposit of your Social Security, Payroll, Retirement or any other type of benefit that you may be receiving today. Your money is automatically credited on the day that it’s due. It’s easy, safe and convenient.

Night Depository
Drop off your deposit in the evening and your deposit is credited the next business day. Bags and keys are available for rent for bulky deposits or use the convenient envelope drop slot for smaller items.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Need a place to keep your important documents? A safe deposit box may be the thing for you.

  • Several sizes to fit your needs
  • Store your important documents in a safe & secure place
  • Access available during normal lobby business hours
  • Contents of a Safe Deposit Box are not insured by FDIC

Money Orders & Cashier’s Checks
Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks are available for a nominal fee.

Wire Transfers
You can send money safely and conveniently.

  • Contact us for wiring instructions
  • Low fees
  • Domestic wires available

Online Banking
With our Online Banking, you’ll be able to access your account information without having to wait for your monthly statement or having to wait in line or on the telephone. The Online Banking option will enable you to:

  • check your balances
  • find out which checks have cleared
  • inquire about direct deposits
  • make automatic loan payments
  • make account transfers
  • make loan payments
  • Receive e-Statements

Order Checks
To reorder checks click on the Main Street Checks, Harland or Deluxe icon from the home page.

Bill Payment
Our online bill payment service can offer great convenience!

  • Pay bills 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • No need for stamps, or envelopes
  • Schedule payments like car loans, mortgages, or electric bills in advance
  • Keep track of your payments with easy to print, comprehensive histories
  • To sign up for online bill pay, simply enroll in internet banking. Once you are able to sign in to internet banking, simply click the bill pay link at the bottom of the page under your account list to sign up! Click here for demo.

Other Services Available

  • Medallion Stamp Signature Guarantee

Notary Service


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Our online banking product is a protected data system with monitoring and active security. If you do not consent to monitoring, or do not have a valid account, you are prohibited from entering this system. Unauthorized access or other inappropriate activity will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for prosecution.

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